NAIOP January Coronavirus Impacts Survey: Light Appears at the End of the Tunnel

In January, NAIOP conducted its seventh survey of its U.S. members on the impacts of COVID-19. Since April, the association has examined the pandemic’s effects on commercial real estate and how firms have responded. The four months since the last survey witnessed significant events, including federal elections and the FDA approval of two highly effective coronavirus vaccines. Respondents to the survey report improved rent collection rates, an increase in industrial investment activity, and an improved outlook for employment in their firms. Fewer respondents now expect the pandemic will significantly affect their business operations for more than a year. However, respondents also report continued disruptions to ongoing development projects.

The survey was completed by 228 NAIOP members between January 19 and 22. Respondents represent a range of professions, including developers, building owners, building managers, brokers, lenders and investors.

Below is an overview of the survey results with direct quotes from participants (in italics) followed by raw data from the survey and a profile of respondent characteristics. Results from September’s survey can be found here. Note that charts in this analysis illustrate data from the three most recent surveys. Data from the April-July surveys are published in earlier posts.


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