House Bill 1105: The Coronavirus Relief Act Passed – Reported by NC Rep. Jay Adams

Originally published on September 9, 2020, by NC Rep. Jay Adams District 96

Below is a press release from NC Representative Jay Adams regarding the announcement of the passage of NC House Bill 1105 that will directly provide positive economic impact for Catawba County and Future Jobs.

Recently House Bill 1105 The Coronavirus Relief Act was signed into law that will have lasting impact on the United States, North Carolina and the Catawba Valley. Within the $1.1 Billion bill there is a $14.3 Million appropriation to the City of Conover and Gaston County to fund the establishment of facilities that will bring the research, development, and manufacture of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to North Carolina.

During the early days of the pandemic the US relied on suppliers based in China for a number of PPE items including, but not limited to, a variety of mask and garments used in hospitals and care facilities. As you may recall, China restrained delivery of some of the products due to their internal demand for the products and later used them for leverage in various negotiations.

Fairly quickly US manufacturers began making mask but the materials for the mask were not technically suitable for truly qualified protection. They were only marginally effective for the public and not at all suitable for hospital and care facilities.

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