NAIOP Chair Kim Synder Shares His Outlooks, Experiences

Originally published by Kim Snyder on March 27, 2023 for NAIOP E-Newsletter.

In the Spring issue of Development magazine, I shared some of my thoughts on our industry, my goals as chair, and what I see as NAIOP’s greatest member value. I had so much to share that I quickly ran out of room! So, I’m sharing an extended cut of our conversation with our Market Share blog readers. If you already haven’t, I’d invite you to read my recent column in the Spring issue of the magazine.

What are your goals as NAIOP Chair?

Our association is growing – surpassing new records at the end of 2022 – yet the membership structure is complex and can be challenging to explain to a new member. We need to simplify and streamline, making the structure easier to understand and removing any potential barriers for members. I’m pleased to share that a task force has been appointed to examine the structure.

The industry remains behind the curve of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B). As we develop the next strategic plan, I believe we need to establish meaningful and actionable tenets, supported by the executive committee and propelled by our board. This commitment needs to be supported with a budget for further recruitment, development and education for all members on the merits of a diverse workforce so that our association can demonstrate its commitment to all underrepresented individuals in commercial real estate.

For decades, NAIOP Corporate – uniting 52 chapters across the U.S. and Canada – has successfully represented the members on federal policy issues; however, we need to work with our chapters to align our priorities on common issues and problems facing regions, states and provinces. This year, we’ll survey members to identify key issues to create a more focused approach to advocacy on all levels.

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