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New Member Spotlight! Dan Melvin - LandDesign

Dan Melvin, PE, serves as a Principal at LandDesign, where he oversees a team of consulting civil engineers specializing in land development projects of varying scales and complexities. With extensive experience in Charlotte, Dan possesses an in-depth understanding of the region’s infrastructure and regulatory challenges, enabling him to devise practical solutions tailored to his clients’ needs.

Dan’s ability to cultivate strong relationships with clients and regulatory authorities is key in advocating effectively for projects within the local development community. His involvement in public-private partnerships has provided him with valuable insights into the development process, enhancing his approach to project management and problem-solving.

Outside of LandDesign, Dan serves as the President of the NAIOP Charlotte Chapter, where he works to support the interests of commercial real estate developers and owners. He also serves as a development representative on the Charlotte Water Advisory Committee, providing insights and guidance on water infrastructure issues that influence both current and future developments.

Dan holds a degree from Florida State University and resides in Charlotte with his wife, Laura, and two sons, John and Charles.

REBIC Hosting Transportation Event With Region's Mayors

Please mark your calendars for our upcoming event on April 9th where we'll be hearing from several mayors from the area about their vision for mobility and connectivity within the Charlotte region.  Come and learn how to support advocacy in transportation policy and public-private partnerships.  Moderated by Tracy Montross with American Airlines, this is a can't miss event.  

Please RSVP by March 31, 2024, to [email protected]
Location:  Canopy Building, 2nd Floor, 1120 Pearl Park Way, Charlotte, NC

Powerhouse Legislative Lineup Visits REBIC

Regulatory reform was at the top of the agenda during yesterday‘s visit from North Carolina Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore.  Also in attendance were Senator Dave Craven and Senator Brad Overcash.  We also welcomed House Senior Appropriations Chair Jason Saine who is responsible for developing and gaining approval of the State Budget.  What were the highlights?  The General Assembly members agreed to continue to strategically streamline and simplify the regulatory process aimed at making housing more attainable.  They also mentioned their efforts to provide continued regulatory relief, and the expansion of water and sewer capacity through additional funding to aid growing municipalities intelligently handle the influx of people choosing the Charlotte region as their new home.

Several industry leaders at the event brought up the subject of tax abatement strategies in other states, and how it is being successfully utilized to provide workforce and affordable housing, adding solid reasons why we need to explore its benefits more ardently here.  Our guests expressed great interest in learning more about that solution and requested additional details.  As such, we are enlisting assistance in putting together a presentation on how tax abatement works, specifically when scaled.  We will note where it is being successfully utilized and include some examples of projects that have been built using this tool.  The next step will be developing a detailed strategy that will include specific policy recommendations for future action at the General Assembly level. 

Our Premier Members enjoyed and appreciated the direct access we received from these key members of the House and Senate who took their time to address matters of importance to the industry.  We look forward to the next opportunity to check in with this group and we thank them for their continued support and leadership that has resulted, among other things, in North Carolina being the top place to do business in the country.

REBIC City of Charlotte Update


originally published by REBIC with permission to repost in NAIOP Charlotte

Two for Tuesday - REBIC

Alyson Craig has been named Interim Planning Director for the City of Charlotte and will officially begin her new role on February 1st. Likewise, the comment period deadline for the first draft of Charlotte’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) has been extended from January 14th into late February or late March. A final determination on that will likely be made during next Monday’s council meeting. The Transportation, Planning, & Environment Committee will receive a briefing at its regularly scheduled meeting earlier that day. As a result, some of the community outreach meetings have been rescheduled for later in the month. 

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City of Charlotte Elections Filing Opens Next Week


originally published by REBIC with permission to repost to NAIOP

#1) 2022 Elections: Filing Begins Next Week


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Next Steps with the 2040 Plan

The following statement was issued by REBIC on Tuesday, June 22, 2021.

Last night the “Plan Policy” section of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan passed the Charlotte City Council by a 6-5 vote. This outcome had been widely expected for several weeks. In the end, REBIC took the position that moving ahead to the more difficult challenges, such as the debate over the “Implementation Strategy” and “Manuals and Metrics” sections, as well as the Place Type mapping and ultimately the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) was in the best interests of all parties. It was evident that members of City Council had withdrawn to their respective corners and that any further compromise was not possible.

Following an introduction, the real estate industry faced some big hurdles:

  • Removal of Mandatory impact fees
  • Removal of Mandatory inclusionary zoning
  • Removal of Mandatory Community Benefit Agreements
  • A broken process set up to accept comments but one that provided little feedback in return
  • A City Council (with the exception of a few members) with little knowledge of the Plan
  • A tight, artificial timeline with a proposed vote on the entire document by April 26th

After last night here’s where we are:

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Full interview with REBIC chairman Alan Banks

Originally published by Tony Mecia on March 7, 2021, for Charlotte Ledger Business Newsletter.

The Charlotte Ledger’s Tony Mecia last week interviewed the chairman of Charlotte’s Real Estate & Building Industry Coalition (REBIC), Alan Banks, about the city’s proposed 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Banks is also the founder and president of Evans Coghill Homes, a Charlotte homebuilder.

This interview was part of extended coverage of the 2040 plan in the March 8, 2021, edition of The Charlotte Ledger e-newsletter. [More info / sign up for The Ledger here]

Remarks were edited for brevity and clarity:

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